What's the significance and value of a social license to operate in the data industry? The mining industry is often offered as an example of an industry required to earn a social license, and maintain it, by behaving in a trustworthy and responsible way; if it were otherwise, it would face costly delays and interference in its activities. Analogies have been drawn between a social license for the mining of minerals and for the process of data mining/processing. …

1576 researchers took an online questionnaire reproducibility research by nature’s survey and more than 70% of researchers claimed that they’ve tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their experiments.

Reproducibility is the ability of another person to use the same tools and data to achieve similar results. This goal has not been achieved in data science with real-world projects and researches. Forking a repository might be achievable but when it comes to dealing with real-world data it becomes trivial. Having work that’s not replicable makes it insignificant. Reproducibility is a continuing…

This was my first time getting my hands dirty with data, nervousness is an understatement to what I felt while working on this. I scraped data using python on google colab. I chose google colab since it’s fast and reliable, with accelerated features such as Tensorflow GPU’s and Tensorflow TPU’s. I was required to scrape data from websites and twitter, but my main focus was on twitter to get real-time reactions concerning this case studies; M-Pesa in Kenya, Adani mines in Australia, and Gun laws in New Zealand.

To extract data from twitter I had to obtain twitter credentials, this…

Linda Cheluget

Data Science and other shenanigans!

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